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Restorative Health of eastern CT

compassionate care focused on the whole person

My career in health began in 1996 as a Family Nurse Practitioner at a large community health center in the inner city of Chicago. A few years later, I began midwifery school and for many years practiced as a full-scope Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) attending nearly 300 births. In recent years, through my own journey of heath, I returned to my family practice roots as well as Integrative Health. My current practice is focused on helping patients heal holistically using lifestyle medicine, Low Dose Naltrexone, and high-quality supplements. I am now certified as a LDN Specialist and will use this medication to help treat a variety of conditions.

My goal is to help empower patients to bring restoration in their health care journey by taking a holistic approach to healing. Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) is one tool that can help boost a patient's natural immunity and help the body to heal itself.

**At this time, I am focusing my practice as an LDN specialist, and will work in conjunction with your PCP and/or specialists to help restore your health. My practice is limited to educating, prescribing, and assessing LDN use. I will not be directly managing other conditions.

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Book an Appointment

All patients seen by Amy Smith-Bassett, APRN must be in the State of CT at the time of the visit.

Once your appointment is booked, you will be scheduled through the Practice Better EHR platform.

To Book an Appointment, please contact me at: 860.362.0651 or

My Telehealth Waiting Room

All client visits will be conducted via telemedicine on the “Practice Better” platform. This platform is HIPAA compliant.

Fullscript Medical Grade Supplements

Click here to order medical grade supplements conveniently shipped to your home. A 20% discount on all supplements is included in my website.

**Please note, any medical grade supplements (Pure Encapsulations, Integrative Therapeutics, Designs for Health, etc.) are not sold on any online commercial websites. Any of these products not obtained through a practitioner are being sold illegally or manufactured by a different distributor. The safety of these products cannot be verified.

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Low dose Naltrexone

Naltrexone is a safe medication that has been FDA approved and used since the 1980s. When used in low doses, it has been found to regulate the immune system to bring healing. The FDA approved Naltrexone in 1984 to help treat opioid and alcohol addiction. When used for this purpose, the standard dosing is 50-300mg daily and has been found to be safe and non-toxic, even with long-term use. Dr. Bernard Bahari in New York City discovered incidentally that while weaning his HIV and opioid dependent patients from Naltrexone, these patients developed widespread positive effects on other conditions.

Using Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) in much smaller doses is an off-label use of a mainstream FDA approved drug Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) is used in much lower doses than Naltrexone, and often the maximum dose is 4.5mg, although doses from 0.001mg to 16mg have been used clinically. When used in these small doses, this medication has been found to increase the body's natural endorphins, decrease pain, and decrease inflammation. There are many conditions which may be improved through the use of LDN including: multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, chronic Lyme, cancer prevention, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer (an adjunct treatment and preventive therapy), mental health disorders, and much more.

LDN is extremely safe, is tolerated well by most patients, has almost no drug interactions, and is reasonably priced. LDN is only available through compounding pharmacies and is obtained by prescription only through a trained medical professional.

Brief informational video about LDN

My Main Services

Telehealth Visits for Low-Dose Naltrexone

  • Initial Visit (1 hour): $200
  • Follow-Up Visit (30 min): $100
  • Annual Follow-Up Visit (30 min): $100
  • Telephone visits >15 minutes: $50
  • Payment is accepted via Square, Venmo, or Paypal
  • HSA cards may be used
Healthy Skincare and Cosmetics

Nutrition and lifestyle counseling

  • holistic dietary counseling to aid in healing
  • recommendations for quality supplements
  • referral to an integrative practitioner or naturopathic physician for further care

Links to services

LDN Resources

Find a Functional Medicine PRovider

  • visit LDN Research Trust here
  • LDN Books 1, 2, & 3
  • There are many documentaries touting the benefits of LDN. There are also many relevant research articles. You may learn more by visiting this site.
Nutritionist Doctor

- Pedro Fernandes

  • See next page to find a Naturopathic physician nearby!
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What my

Clients Are Saying

I started my LDN journey about a year ago and I can say it has been a life changer. I’ve struggled with Hashimotos autoimmune disease for 16 plus years. That was a roller coaster of ups and downs and not feeling good for so long. I read about LDN and saw that many people were having such success, I hoped I would too. Amy walked me through a thorough intake and we discussed everything from history to diet and lifestyle. I’ve been at 4.5 mg LDN for about 10 months and I feel better now in my 40’s than in my 30’s. My energy has improved, my pain level in my body is almost gone and my outlook on life has changed. My cholesterol is in the green and my thyroid numbers are also improving. Amy is so caring and passionate about helping people to feel better. I never imagined after years of dealing with autoimmune disease, that I could feel like I do today!

Quotation marks

~Sarah D.

“Thank you so much, Amy, for your incredible care and commitment to my healing and overall health! I suffer from chronic pelvic pain and interstitial cystitis. I was in a lot of pain and did not have much hope. Amy took the time to figure out the root cause to treat me holistically using LDN as a way to treat the inflammation and pain in my body and not just find a quick “bandaid” fix. She really listened and I feel heard and well cared for.

As my body is starting to heal. I am incredibly grateful for Amy’s wisdom, kindness, thoroughness, and expertise.”


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patient testimonial

“I have been struggling with symptoms from autoimmune inflammation for a couple years now, unaware of what it was.

I had, what felt like, constant pain in my wrists, knees, neck and shoulders. After finally being referred to a rheumatologist it was discovered that I have, amongst other things, auto-immune induced arthritis. The pain had gotten to the point that my left knee was swollen 98% of the time and it hurt to walk 100% of the time. Add to that arthritis in my neck and shoulder and I was eating ibuprofen like candy.

My rheumatologist wanted to have me start on a low dose chemo to help my inflammation and progression of disease. After researching the side effects I just didn’t feel that this was the best step for me. “...This is where Amy at Restorative Health came in. I met with Amy and she throughly went over my blood work and also my symptoms. She gave me a realistic time frame for how long it would take for LDN to possibly help with my symptoms along with the side effects I may expect (which were few). She was thorough, kind and understanding. She called in my prescription and less than a week later I started at 0.5 mg of LDN with the goal of titrating up every 14 days until I reached maximum relief (typically around 4.5 mg). I started my doses and was sure they were having a placebo effect because within a weeks time my swelling and pain in my knee had reduced by a drastic 50%. I was able to tolerate my doses with no side effects, save for some minimal dizziness, and within a month had reduced my pain in my knee by an incredible 80% and my neck and wrists by 100%. This was a miracle for me! My quality of life has been so drastically improved because of this treatment and Amy’s help.

I know that LDN may not work this exact same way for everyone but I have found it to be nothing short of a miracle for my ailments.

I am so grateful for Amy and this treatment!”

~Patient S.S

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Frequently asked questions

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How do I become a patient?

Call: 860.362.0651

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Do you take insurance?

I am a cash pay practice

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Do you function as a Primary Care provider?

Not at this time, you must have a PCP to become a patient

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Do you see patients from all over the US?

Telemedicine visits must be only with patients who are physically in the state of CT

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Hope to meet you soon!

herbal organic medicine product. natural herb essential from nature.

Amy Smith-Bassett, APRN

Cell: 860.362.0651

Fax: 860.413.0830



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